Welcome to my webpage!

This is where I show you small resolutions of my artwork for sale. If you would like to view available artwork, and already sold artwork please click here.

Successful gamblers are artists of their lives!

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I just want to say that there are three things about my art I think you should know if you are interested in realism and natural history subjects in art.

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The first is that I do not really like mechanical reproductions, often called “prints”, signed or otherwise, and while I have done a small number, mostly for charities, I prefer to sell original art.

Second, I pride myself on ornithological accuracy, although not at the cost of what I think of as artistic integrity, and I really think that if I have an “edge” it stems from a lifetime of very close involvement with birds and other wildlife.

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And third, I do pride myself on keeping prices low, and providing good service.  The images you see are not really suited to viewing what originals look like, and no one is expected to pay for and keep any piece of art they buy or commission if not entirely satisfied.

Realistic vs. Stylized Graphics in The Online Gambling Industry

I hope to be able to occasionally post some articles or other media on this site, to read these posts please click here.

I’m not very good with computers, but I hope to continually update this website and add both new images, and new text.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.