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On this portion of the website, you can view low resolution copies of artwork I have for sale, or artwork that has already been sold. Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Spruce Grouse Pair- Currently Available!

Spruce Grouse Pair by: Barry Kent MacKayThe Spruce Grouse is found in the cold, rugged, boreal forests of North America, from Alaska east to Newfoundland and Labrador.  It is noted for not being very fearful of people, thus easily killed by hunters.   While the male is quite spectacular in the full breeding display I decided to show him in a calmer mode, although he is certainly aware of, and reacting to, the female beside him.  There are several races, and I have shown a bird typical of the black spruce forests of northern Ontario.  The painting is approximately life-size, and is done in gouache watercolour on top of acrylic on compressed hardboard.

Price: 650.00$

Loggerhead Shrike -Currently Available!

This painting, approximately life size, was based in part on a very loose watercolour sketch I did several decades ago, here in Ontario, when Loggerhead Shrikes were common.  It is now an endangered species.  I tried to capture the easy nature of the habitat sketch in the background, while putting the bird, a little more detailed, on a hawthorn twig, in the foreground.  The painting is not, however, a typical watercolour, but a mixed piece consisting of acrylic on compressed hardboard and augmented with gouache watercolours.

Price: 180.00$

Green Winged Teal Pair- Sold

I really love to paint waterfowl, and I think some of my favourite species are the teals, because of their small size, dapper manner and interesting and variable patterning.   Here I have shown a pair of Green-winged Teal who have newly arrived in Ontario from the southern U.S.  The scene is near my home and there has been a late snowfall.  The warm April sunlight is melting it off.  This painting is approximately life size, and was done in oils, on top of acrylic on compressed hardboard.


Northern Red-Breasted Sap Sucker- Sold!

There are two distinct races of the Red-breasted Sapsucker, and I have had the pleasure of seeing them both, the southern one in California and the northern one, which I featured in this painting, in British Columbia.  The northern bird is a richer colour of red on the head and breast.  Woodpeckers are a delight to sketch, draw and paint, and I am planning to do a painting showing all the sapsuckers species, all being native to North America.  This painting is approximately life-size and is done in a acrylics and gouache watercolour on compressed hardboard, and is fully framed.


Falcated Teal – Currently Available!

Falcated Teal Painting - By Barry Kent MacKay

There are few waterfowl more exotic looking than the Falcated Duck, also known as the Falcated Teal.   I had seen lots of them in zoos and private waterfowl collections, but it took a trip to Japan to let me see the bird in the field.  They are one of several Asian waterfowl species I have already painted, or hope to paint in the future.  This painting is approximately life size, and is more a study, sort of between a vignette and a full painting, showing a pair of the birds swimming in shallow water.   The painting is fully framed, and is acrylic and gouache watercolour on illustration board.

Price: 650.00$ (frame included)

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